Dreamstars Creatures

Enter a world were the creatures evolve and grow smarter over time.

What do I do?

Well you don't need to do anything appart from leave the game running on your computer. But you if you want you can use your avatar to interact with the creatures living on your browser. By attacking some creatures but not others you can help guide the evolutionary process.

But really the game is being part of this experiment, learning to observe new traits of intelligence the creatures might exibit over time and maybe being able to communicate or interact with the minds that evolve.

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A different kind of game

Dreamstars Creatures falls into the game category known as life simulations. This is half game half science experiment. It is a game of patience and exploration.

Dreamstars creatures is an experiment in growing artificial intelligence that real people can interact with. It uses a method of AI programming called genetic programming. This method uses Darwin's priciples of evolution and applies them to a population of computer programs selecting only the most successful from each generation and using those to create a new generation with some variance. As the generations advance the programs slowly evolve into more and more successful variations.

In Dreamstars Creatures the programs we are evolving are the minds of the creatures in the game.

Evolution is slow

When you play the game a small number of creatures are created in your browser to live out their lives. This usually takes about 5 minutes. The game also creates an Avatar (like the movie) for you to control. You can use your avatar to relate to the creatures in the game world as one of their own. When the game ends the strongest creatures are uploaded to our server and a new set of creatures is downloaded and a new game generation is automatically started.

Only a subset of the population of one generation is used each time, there are actually about 300 creatures in each generation but only 24 can be run at once on your browser.

To offset this slowness of the generational process we have created a distributed system so the more computers are running this game the faster the creatures can evolve. We have also made it so you can run it even if you are not sitting at your computer. The system automatically uploads creatures from your game to the server and starts a new game on your machine and each time a full game is run some creatures get evolved to the next generation.