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UnBaa group decision making
Turn your mob into a team! - UnBaa


Teaching us to be heroes!

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This site is all about helping us overcome our troubles and thus unlock all our epic potential.

Many of us are blessed with health, food and safety. But we still feel stuck or unfulfilled. By highlighting the most common difficulties we face, and sharing stories, insights and techniques to overcome them, I'm hoping we can help each other reach our potential.

My vision

This is my humble attempt at sharing the wisdom of the world as well as my own wisdom. I see a lot of people struggling to find their potential especially in the affluent societies. I've built this site to help us all to unlock that potential both by seeing the shackles that bind us and discovering and developing tools to break free from those chains.

Turn your mob into a team - UnBaa group decision making

Discover how to be more empowered and improve your group dynamics with UnBaa - our first project has finally arrived!

UnBaa is designed to help us all do things with more equity, to make flat structures easier to implement and flat decisions simple.